Cutting the beams for your cubic foot C-Bot 3d printer

Here are the lengths of aluminum rails I used for building my 3d printer.My final dimensions were 315x290x295 I could probably get the full cubic foot by adjusting end stops on my machine, but if you want the full bragging rights you may want to tweak these lengths. :)

This the rail I used:

Cuts for a 12″x12″ heated Bed

20×40 Rails
A. Legs x4 = 515MM (2x1500mm)
B.Horizontals x4 = 440MM (2x1000mm)
C. Top Beams x2 = 450MM (1x1000mm)
D. Base Beams x2= 430MM (1x1000mm)
E. Bed supports x2= 395MM (1/2 x 1500mm)
F. XY Slider x1 = 464MM (1/2 x 1500mm)

20×60 Rails
G. Z Slider = 428MM (1x500mm)

Z Lead Screw x2= 400mm