Printing a printer: Core Bot Part 2


The first step I took in building my Core Bot was printing out all the parts for the machine. I was fortunate that my friend was traveling for 3 weeks and lent me his Makerbot Replicator 1 so that I could start print all the pieces I needed to build the printer. My family was mesmerized by the new machine and loved watching it print out new pieces day after day.

6 thoughts on “Printing a printer: Core Bot Part 2

  1. Where’s the rest of the progress? I was linked here by Eric, he’s got a picture of your finished bot. I was hoping to see how your built went, it looks good in the finished picture!

  2. I am planning to build the C-bot. I like the cubic foot build volume, heated bed, dual extrusion capability, and corexy drive. I was wondering what lengths you cut your aluminum extrusion at to get a cubic foot build volume?

    • Cuts for a 12″x12″ heated Bed

      20×40 Rails
      A. Legs x4 = 515MM 2
      B.Horizontals x4 = 440MM 2
      C. Top Beams x2 = 450MM 1
      D. Base Beams x2= 430MM 1
      E. Bed supports x2= 395MM .5
      F. XY Slider x1 = 464MM .5

      20×60 Rails
      G. Z Slider = 428MM 1

      Z Lead Screw x2= 400mm

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